June 21, 2008

Chatham House on the (dead) Lisbon Treaty

A good article on the contempt for democracy shown by the EU in still pursuing the Lisbon Treaty despite the only people allowed a referendum on it (because there was no way they could not due to the Irish constitution) voting 'No', and how this could be increasing the contempt for the EU in all of its member states. It concludes that:

In the end, the most intelligent response to the Irish 'no' vote is the same as the honourable response. The death of the Treaty must be acknowledged. But more than this, it should provide the occasion for a thoroughgoing reassessment of how and why Europe got into this mess. At all costs, this must not be a re-run of the 'period of reflection' that was announced following the rejection of the constitution by the French and the Dutch when, having 'reflected', the EU decided to ignore it.

Which is exactly what will happen.


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